Get Tested for STDs: When, Where, and Why?

Sexually transmitted diseases, otherwise known as STDs, are conditions that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. STDs are common infections that many people may be completely unaware of, which results in many people unknowingly transmitting them. To help prevent further transmission and health problems, easily accessible, walk-in STD testing is [...]

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How Often Should You Get Tested for STDs?

Sexual health is extremely important and something that should never be ignored. But many people may find it difficult to know exactly what to do or how to fully protect themselves to ensure that their sexual health is always taken care of. It is no secret that STDs carry a lot of stigma; however, they [...]

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How Common are STDs?

There were over a million cases of chlamydia and over 550,000 cases of gonorrhea reported in 2018.  Fortunately, many of these can be cured quickly thanks to the free std test in Los Angeles. Here are the common STDs and why you should get a free std test in Los Angeles: Syphilis According to [...]

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