LGBT Friendly Doctor Los Angeles

An LGBT friendly doctor in Los Angeles can surprisingly be hard to find. Here’s why STD Free Los Angeles is the first choice for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community.

The staff at STD Free Los Angeles promotes a safe environment for all of our patients, including the LGBT community. Our top priority is offering quality sexual health services in a judgment-free and culturally competent environment. Our LGBT friendly doctor in Los Angeles at STD Free has thorough experience working with the LGBT community and is committed to the goal of providing the best sexual health services in Los Angeles.

STD Free Los Angeles offers comprehensive sexual health services including (but not limited to) STD Testing, Pap Smears, Free Condoms, and HIV Testing. Our services are confidential, affordable, and customized to fit each patient’s needs. Our LGBT friendly doctor in Los Angeles prioritizes the well-being of our patients and strives to make each visit as comfortable and straightforward as possible.


STD Free Los Angeles has a renowned LGBT friendly doctor in Los Angeles and is located at 1435 S Vermont Ave. #100A, Los Angeles, CA 90006. Call us at 213-261-4090 to schedule an appointment, or simply visit our walk-in clinic. Follow our blog for regularly updated health advice.