STD Free Los Angeles provides walk in appointments in full confidence that we can deliver results that are sufficient for our customers. We offer an array of tests available through our certified testing center and lab, Quest Diagnostics. We understand that when patients visit our clinic, they aren’t always in the best emotional space and we strive to make that experience every bit more bearable. With well-trained staff and specialist physicians, we take the time to make sure you are informed with as little confusion as possible for a pleasant appointment and experience with our clinic. Our considerate medical staff and Doctors ensure that your visit is better than what you expected upon entering.

Needing to get an STI test can be scary, but we encourage anyone who is sexually active to visit our office for your best interest in mind. We provide some services for free with insurance and eligibility to make those in need feel more comfortable. Having served the Los Angeles community for so long, we want to continue making a valuable impact. Quest Diagnostics enables us to conduct lab tests and provide you with precise results as soon as possible.

Quest Diagnostics improves accuracy and we ensure your overall experience is trustworthy and considerate one. We operate to satisfy the needs of the community. STD Free Los Angeles stays open beyond business hours and on weekends to offer convenience to those who may need a spontaneous walk in or an appointment that fits their work schedule.  With the services provided by our Quest Diagnostics partnership, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results at a time that best fits your schedule.

About STD Free Los Angeles

STD Free Los Angeles is an urgent care clinic in Los Angeles that always aims to sustain a great reputation. This is typically achieved by providing high-quality service to every patient. They have been determined to assist the community for years. They always put their patients’ health above anything and make sure they are being taken care of. STD Free Los Angeles, one of the best urgent care clinics in Los Angeles, provides reasonable pricing and works with patients for payment plans.