What are oral contraceptive pills? Birth Control Pills Los Angeles

Oral contraceptives, more commonly known as birth control pills, are a prescribed medication that helps prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills are hormonal preparations that contain a combination of progestin and estrogen, or only progestin.

Pills with the hormonal combination of progestin and estrogen help prevent pregnancy by prohibiting the pituitary gland in the brain from releasing the follicle stimulating hormone and the luteinizing hormone. Those two hormones play key roles in egg development and preparing the uterus lining for implantation. Progestin also makes it difficult for sperm to penetrate the egg for fertilization.

There are several different kinds of birth control pills, including:

  • Biphasic Birth Control Pills – Estrogen in delivered in the consistent amount for the first 21 days. The first half of the cycle involves a ration that allows the uterus’ living to thicken as usual. The last half of the cycle the ratio of the hormones is higher so the uterus can it’s lining.
  • Monophasic Birth Control Pills – A consistent amount of progestin and estrogen are delivered each day.
  • Triphasic Birth Control Pills – Concentration of estrogen and progestin are constantly changing during the cycle.

Is a prescription required for oral contraceptives?

Typically, you obtain a prescription for birth control from your doctor or another healthcare professional. However, as of late 2016, the state of California passed a law that allows pharmacists to prescribe birth control without a doctor’s prescription. However, pharmacies can charge an additional fee that is not usually covered by health insurance. Make an appointment with STD Free Los Angeles for your prescription and to see if you qualify for free birth control Los Angeles.

Common Side Effects

Common side effects of oral contraceptives Los Angeles typically subside after a few months but include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Weight Gain
  • Mood Changes
  • Irregular Bleeding
  • Tender Breasts

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