Sexually transmitted diseases affect young people the most. The Center for Disease Control states that approximately half of the 20 million sexually transmitted diseases reported every year are by people under the age of 25.

Even with these statistics, most young people still aren’t being tested often enough to consider it correct sexual health care. There are a number of reasons why young people are not getting tested regularly. Free STD testing Los Angeles offers free services available for those who qualify.

Shame and Embarrassment

Discussing sexual issues can cause anxiety. More often than not, young people do not want to discuss such private issues with a medical professional or pediatrician they have known their whole lives. The CDC states that this as the main reason as to why young people don’t regularly test for STDs.

Costs and Confidentiality

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Overall, young people are concerned about the cost of STD testing and treatment. Those who still financially rely on their parents, or are uninsured are in a tough position. For instance, they don’t want to take an STD test that will show up on their parent’s insurance. Young people don’t prioritize regular STD screenings, but avoiding treatment can lead to further complications down the line. Free STD testing Los Angeles offers free confidential testing for those who apply.

Lack of Sexual Education

Many young people fail to realize that STDs don’t always appear with symptoms. Lack of education is to blame. By avoiding treatment, infections can spread throughout the body and cause complex health issues. For young people who qualify, Free STD testing Los Angeles is available.

Moving Forward

There are many reasons as to why young people delay STD testing. The best way to combat this is by providing education about sexual health to stop this dangerous behavior. By educating young people about the severe consequences STDs can have, this group of people may start practicing proper sexual care.


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