Why You Should Get an STD Test?

If you have any doubts about the state of your health following sexual intercourse, then it is best to be safe and get tested. There are moments when decisions can be hard to judges depending on the situation. STD Free Los Angeles is dedicated to making sure that LA residents have a safe and secure place to track their health without the worry of confidentiality or insurance. It’s an area that’s meant to put your wellbeing first so you feel comfortable discussing your sexual health. Here are a few ways to determine if you need to take a deep breath and visit our clinic. 


Before having any sexual relations with a new partner, it’s important to get an STD free Los Angeles test. This ensures both of your safety for future activities and interactions. It also welcomes confidence and safety into a relationship. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The STD Free Los Angeles clinic also provides condoms to encourage the practice of safe sex. 


There are moments when your gut feeling is the right feeling. If something feels wrong with your body or out of the ordinary, you should listen to those signs and get checked. The thought can be scary, but your health always comes first. 


Some STI’s have symptoms that appear within the first couple of days of contraction while others happen within a couple of weeks. Everyone’s body is different and certain people may not develop any symptoms at all. A select few may resemble flu-like or pregnancy symptoms from fever to muscle aches. The most coined symptom is painful urination or genitalia. Keep track of your sicknesses in correlation to your sexual activity to properly pinpoint the severity of your sickness. 

Cure or Treatment

When you are attentive with your symptoms and sexual history, then you have a better chance of being treated. Not all STIs are curable yet, but the sooner they’re caught, the more likely they are to be manageable. If you wait too long to acknowledge the issue, these diseases can be fatal when diagnosed too late.


About STD Free Los Angeles:

STD Free Los Angeles’ main focus is the safety of patients and providing the best medical services. STD Free Los Angeles offers services to people of all backgrounds and sometimes free STD testing in Los Angeles.  You can contact STD Free Los Angeles via their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.