As an STD clinic in Los Angeles, our job is to make sure that individuals are practicing safe sex and are well-informed about the subject.

One of the biggest obstacles that we as an STD clinic in Los Angeles have noticed, is how taboo the subject of sex is. Not only is it taboo in public, but more especially in schools. There are many reasons as to why individuals should support schools teaching sex education to their students.

Teaching “No” Doesn’t Work

Teaching students to say “no” to sex won’t help those who will say “yes”. Schools may teach students to remain abstinent, but that does not necessarily mean that students will abide by that. There will be students who will say “yes” and they should be aware of the potential risks of not practicing safe sex.

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Sex Ed Doesn’t Encourage Sex

Sex education is not going to convince teens to have sex. On the contrary, teaching will enable them to think about the decision they are making and decide if it is worth it or not. It is important for students to know of responsibilities that being sexually active brings along.

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Students Just Don’t Know

Sex education consists of teaching students about safe sex. Students don’t necessarily understand the consequences of unsafe sex and will find themselves in risky situations. Schools should teach students to be safe whether or not they are sexually active. Students should be aware of all viruses and/or diseases that may impact them as they become sexually active. They should know to take preventative measures and if they were to contract an STD, they should know to get treatment.

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