Sexual health services in Los Angeles and sexual assault are both sensitive subjects, but they are undeniably important. The discussion on sexual assault has begun to make front-page news with today’s political and social climates. This new attention is shining light on a very important topic that has historically been pushed into the back pages. With that, there is a host of information that needs to be understood, including what is defined as sexual assault.

Terminology gets confusing

By now you have heard several different terms used when talking about sexual crimes. It is important to understand the differences between each of these because the term ‘sexual violence’ is an umbrella term that includes rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, etc. Also, legal definitions can vary in each state. Most recently, ‘stealthing; is now considered sexual assault, so there are new terms being added all the time.

Sexual assault is not a thing of the past

Sexual assault still occurs more often then we like to admit, in fact, sexual assault occurs every 98 seconds. On the upside, in a 2015 report, incidents of sexual violence have decreased by over half since 1993.

Consent differs from state to state

As with any issue, laws can be tricky. Also, there is no clear-cut definition of sexually violent crimes that each state abides by. As a result, determining how rape and consent are defined, and whether or not it is punishable by law, is confusing. One definition, in California, consent is defined as positive cooperation in the act, and the ability to exercise free will. Additionally, a person is unable to consent before the age of 18.

Many victims do not report the crime

Many cases go unreported every year despite widespread coverage of the topic. There are several reasons why a victim may not report a crime. One of the main reasons is they are too afraid, either afraid of what will happen or may assume that because they were drunk that it wouldn’t be considered a crime.

Victim blaming is never okay

We’ve heard the stories time and time again where the victim is blamed. Instead of arresting and condemning the perpetrator, the victim is immediately judged. It doesn’t matter how a person was dressed or how much they had to drink. A victim should never be blamed for the horrific act. The perpetrator is to blame, and only the perpetrator.

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