In the midst of political controversies, STD Free Los Angeles wants to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure in our community. We have many payment options and most importantly, we accept many forms of insurance and in some need-based cases, STD Free provides free birth control in Los Angeles. 

The medical professionals at STD Free Los Angeles want to better the community by making sure everyone is informed about the benefits of taking a birth control pill. Many people wonder if birth control pills are safe, but like all medications, each compound affects people differently. The first step to take is to ensure that you aren’t allergic to key components of the pill. Not all pills are composed of the same thing, so if there is one pill that isn’t for you, STD Free may be able to provide free birth control in Los Angeles that is perfect just for you. 

  • Contraception

With the opportunity to receive free birth control in Los Angeles, you should remember that there are outlying factors to consider regarding the pill. Though birth control pills can prevent the odds of becoming pregnant during sex, they are not foolproof. It is still possible to become pregnant while on your medication. You also need to be consistent with your schedule. Take your pills regularly as your doctor advises. The use of birth control doesn’t eliminate the need for protection nor does it protect against STI’s. 

  • Acne 

Birth control pills regulate hormones, so they can help reduce hormonal acne, not acne caused by the consumption of certain foods. You can use the free birth control in Los Angeles to reduce acne, but you must maintain your health across the board to see the dermatological results you’re anticipating. There are many different kinds of birth control pills that affect women in different ways, but for hormonal influence over acne, it’s best to use a pill that contains estrogen and progesterone. 

  • Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Some people have painful menstrual cramps or irregular menstrual cycle schedules. These are also hormonal results that can be altered by taking birth control pills. They work by reducing the chemical that makes the uterus contract called, prostaglandins. Birth control is usually recommended for people who have dysmenorrhea, which is excessive pain experienced during the menstrual cycle that can have symptoms ranging from migraines to vomiting. This is where free birth control in Los Angeles comes in handy. 

About STD Free Los Angeles:

STD Free Los Angeles’ main focus is the safety of patients and providing the best medical services. STD Free Los Angeles offers services to people of all backgrounds and sometimes free STD testing in Los Angeles.  You can contact STD Free Los Angeles via their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.