There are two different methods you can use to test for pregnancy; one using a blood sample and the other uses a urine sample. The placenta rapidly produces the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone once the embryo attaches to your uterine lining. Whichever method you use, both will test for this hormone. If you suspect that you or your partner may be pregnant, please contact us for pregnancy testing Los Angeles.

Urine Test

A urine test can be performed at home or at a medical facility. One method of testing for pregnancy uses urine. You are to collect your urine in a container and dip the provided pregnancy test stick into your urine. You can also place the stick directly under your urine stream. Whether or not you are pregnant will be indicated by a line, symbol, or color that will gradually appear on the stick- check the packaging for the correct indicator.

The best time to take a urine pregnancy test is after missing the first day of your period, generally about two weeks after conception. There are tests that are more sensitive than others and will allow you to take the test sooner. These tests, when done correctly, are about 97% accurate.

Blood Test

If you decide to take a blood pregnancy test, know that there are two types, quantitative and qualitative. Qualitative blood tests will give you a simple yes or no answer while quantitative measures how much hCG is in your blood.

When using a blood test to test for pregnancy, you will be able to detect pregnancy much earlier than a urine test, about 7-12 days after conception. Unfortunately, blood tests are more expensive, must be performed at a medical facility, and take longer to get results.

If you think that you or your partner are pregnant and would like a urine or blood test performed, please contact us at (213) 261-4090 or schedule an appointment online for pregnancy testing Los Angeles.