The Los Angeles Department of Public Health (DPH)and the LGTB Center reached a temporary agreement to reinstate funding for vital STD and HIV services for the LGBQIA+ community until the end of March. The center currently provides free STD testing at the center in West Hollywood (WeHo). Although the public outcry reinstated funds temporarily there is still an opportunity that means tens of thousands can be left going untested, undiagnosed, and untreated. At STD Free Los Angeles we pride ourselves in educating and embracing people to be comfortable with getting regularly tested. 


Los Angeles is in the midst of excessive STD epidemics, with infections continuing to rise up. Shockingly, the epidemic is unreasonably impacting communities hardest hit by health stigma and inequities, including young gay and bisexual men, women, people of color, and transgender people. STDs don’t always appear with symptoms which leads to more infections being spread throughout the body. STD Free Los Angeles is a safe environment that is ending the stigma associated with sexually transmitted diseases and infections. 


The best way people can continue having available affordable resources is not just by having uncomfortable conversations. It is by utilizing and supporting the sources that are currently available. This is vital care that is necessary and a temporary agreement is not sufficient at STD Free Los Angeles free testing is available to those who apply. During a public health care crisis, STD Free Los Angeles is prioritizing reproductive health and STD care.