Getting tested can be stressful. An even more stressful experience can be passing an STD to your partner and being held criminally or civilly liable for it. To be sure that you are fully informed about the legal ramifications behind STD transmission, keep reading. Make sure to take advantage of our sexual health services Los Angeles to be sure you are keeping you and your partner safe and STD free.

Being Sued For Negligencesexual health services Los Angeles

You have a duty to avoid causing damage and harming towards others and their property. If you are infected with an STD, it is your duty not to spread it or knowingly conceal it.  Negligence will not take intent into account. This meaning that even if you did not intend to spread the disease you can still be held accountable. Also, note that practicing safe sex will not absolve you from being liable.

Being Sued For Battery

If you intentionally transmit an STD you may find yourself in court, being sued for battery. The intentional tort claim (battery) takes intent into account. If you knowingly and intentionally infected your partner with an STD you will be charged with battery. The court may decide that you must compensate the infected party for damages and injuries.

Lawsuits Claiming Crime

Lastly, the intentional transmission of incurable STD’s like herpes, HIV, AIDS and some genital warts strains hold merit in court. Most of these criminal cases get tried for intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud. For the proper criminalization of the STD transmitter, the infecting party must have prior knowledge of the STD and use malice to spread it. It is important to note if the transmitted STD’s are easily curable then the cases will likely not hold merit in court.

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