HPV is a virus and the most common type of sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can be passed from one person to another. Once contracted the symptoms can go away on their own, however it is always best to consult a medical doctor or professional, because when the signs and symptoms don’t go away on their own, they are known to cause certain types of cancers to take root. These cancers include but are not limited to, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer,  as well as anal cancer and more.

To help prevent and guard against the HPV virus, the GARDASIL 9 vaccine may be recommended by your doctor or medical professional. GARDASIL 9 helps to prevent cancers in males and females aged 9 to 45 years, in regards to the infection caused by the HPV virus such as vaginal, oropharyngeal, cervical, anal, as well as other neck and head cancers. 

This is an HPV vaccine Los Angeles available. It is shown to help guard against types of HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 that have to do with oropharyngeal, vulvar, anal, and vaginal cancers as well as other neck and head cancers.

HPV vaccine Los Angeles

GARDASIL 9 does not prevent oropharyngeal, vulvar, anal, and vaginal cancers as well as other neck and head cancers when not caused by the HPV virus. This means that it is still possible to develop these cancers with or without the GARDASIL 9 vaccine if not contracted through the HPV virus. Thus, screening as advised by your doctor may still be necessary if you have any signs or symptoms of any of the cancers listed previously.

Any HPV types not listed previously are not covered by GARDASIL 9 and you will not be protected from them. Persons who have contracted or been sexually exposed to the HPV virus prior to receipt of the GARDASIL 9 vaccine will not be covered or protected by said vaccine. 

GARDASIL 9 will not help genetal lesions having to do with the HPV virus and will not cure or subside cancers pertaining to it. This is because GARDASIL 9 is not a treatment, it is a prevention method to help keep persons from contracting the virus. Unfortunately, once the HPV virus is contracted, the vaccine won’t be able to subdue it in any way. 

Though GARDASIL 9 is very near 100% effective as stated by cancer.gov, it is still not guaranteed to completely prevent the HPV virus in those who opt to take the vaccine.

Safety Information of GARDASIL 9

For persons who have:

  • A severe yeast allergy
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Are pregnant or may become pregnant
  • Have taken GARDASIL or GARDASIL 9 previously

Should consult a doctor or medical professional before taking it, and should not take it until cleared.

After GARDASIL 9 is administered it has been reported in rare cases that syncope may occur, and seizure-like activities like tonic clonic movements, while rare, are possible. This is why it is advised that once administered people receiving the vaccine should wait an extra 15 minutes to make sure syncope does not occur to prevent falls and injuries. 

The adverse local and systemic reactions most common in females after administration of GARDASIL 9 was less than 10% and involved erythema, injection site pain, headache, and swelling. In males the adverse local and systemic reactions most common after administration of GARDASIL 9 was also less than 10% and involved erythema, injection site pain, and swelling. 

The GARDASIL 9 immunity duration is not yet established as of now.

Free HPV vaccine | GARDASIL 9 Vaccine

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