The awareness of STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) is rising nationwide, especially since there are lots of places in Los Angeles County has resources for people to approach.

The most effective way to stop spreading STDs and causing further irreparable harm is getting periodic STD testing to protect yourself and others. Making your way through STD exams in Los Angeles is a lot easier than before. Here is all the information you require:

What symptoms imply an STD?

Even if you’ve only ever had sexual activity with one person, you still run the chance of having an STD. You can have STDs through vaginal, oral, or anal all kinds of sex. In this article, you may read about the signs of several STDs, such as herpes and HIV. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are two of the most prevalent and frequent STDs, they have no symptoms but can still be quite dangerous. Both can result in pelvic inflammatory disease and possibly infertility in women if left untreated.

Free STD treatment testing is the only way to know precisely. Call STD Free Los Angeles at (213) 261-4090 or schedule an appointment to find out what to do if you suspect you may have an STD.

How can STDs be avoided?

The best way to avoid getting an STD is to have no sex. However, that is not very sustainable. By limiting the number of people you have sex with and only engaging in sexual activity with one person at a time, you can reduce your risk of contracting STDs.

Besides that, it’s necessary to use condoms or dental dams to avoid direct contact. This includes learning how to properly apply them and avoiding ripping them open with teeth or nails.

Health authorities advise preteens who have never engaged in sexual activity to get the HPV vaccine, an STD that can result in cancer. The CDC states that men and women can receive the shot safely up to age 21 and age 26 respectively.

When is the best time to get STD testing?

  • Up until the age of 25, sexually active women should undergo a chlamydia and gonorrhea test once a year. If women are older than 25 and have risk factors, such as new or multiple sexual partners, they should continue to get annual STD testing.
  • Between the ages of 21 and 65, women should see a gynecologist for Pap tests every three years, which look for Human papillomavirus infection (HPV), a kind of STD that can lead to cancer.
  • Men should get free STD checking for Syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea at least once a year if they have intercourse with other men.
  • Each and every expectant mother should get syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, and hepatitis B screening.
  • Everyone should discuss the necessity for an HIV test with their doctor.

Unless you have symptoms, request a test, or reside in a region with a high risk of STDs, the CDC generally does not advise STD test treatment.

According to the California Family Health Council’s director of community-based STD prevention efforts, people who are sexually active should get tested at least once a year to be on the safe side. In California, Los Angeles County has some of the highest chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea rates.

You can discuss with a doctor if you need to get STD tests more frequently. It’s a good idea to be tested before starting to have sex if you’re thinking about sleeping with someone new and both of you have engaged in sexual activity with other individuals.

What STDs should you be tested for?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea will most likely be tested for if you visit a clinic and request STD tests as a sexually active individual under the age of 25 because they are the most common.

You will be asked about your sexual history and it’s crucial to be open and honest. They will use this to decide whether or not to test for additional STDs, such as syphilis or herpes. Regular HIV testing is also advised; the physician will discuss how frequently you should get STD tests.

Where can I get free STD tests?

In order to report and prevent health issues, STD Free Los Angeles is committed to offering STD testing and treatment to the community. For individuals who are eligible, we even provide free std testing in Los Angeles! To ensure that you and your partner(s) are safe, healthy, and STD-free, schedule your appointment today!