Doing STD testing in Los Angeles can be a nerve-wracking thing, but it is something that everyone should do. There are always two main questions you might ask yourself:

1. How do I talk to my partner about STD testing?

It may feel awkward, but being safe is more important.  It makes sense to get STD testing in Los Angeles regularly.

Having the conversation:

  • Explain to your partner that you care about them, and even offer to go with them.
  • Tell them that you took the test
  • Be honest and tell them if you have had an STD, and warn them that they may not even know if they have one.

The Test:

STD testing in los angeles

Many STDs are okay the sooner you realize that you have one.  After STD testing in Los Angeles, there is no need to have that worrying feeling anymore.  It is probably a good idea to get tested together and show support.  In the case that your partner will not get tested, you may need to evaluate if their values line up with yours.  

2. How Do You Tell Your Partner You Have an STD?

No matter how painful the conversation might be, it is important to always inform your partner if you have an STD.  If you find out you have an STD from STD testing in Los Angeles, you need to disclose that to past partners as well.

Telling Your Partner:

  • Be positive, you are not the only one in this position.  Remind your partner that an STD is a health issue.
  • Your partner is bound to have questions, so make sure you do some research and know how to answer them.  Focus on the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives.
  • Make sure the timing is good, and know what you are going to say when going into the conversation.


STD testing in los angeles

People often jump to the conclusion that their partner was cheating on them if they have an STD. It is important not to blame each other and to simply just realize that it is a health issue. Offer ways to be safe and inform your partner of things that you have learned.

This is some serious news for your partner to process, so they may just need to dwell on it for a little bit until they can have a proper reaction.

About STD Free Los Angeles:

STD Free Los Angeles’ main focus is the safety of patients and providing the best medical services. STD Free Los Angeles offers services to people of all backgrounds and sometimes free STD testing in Los Angeles.  You can contact STD Free Los Angeles via their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.