Through STD testing in Los Angeles, you are able to tell early on if you’ve got an STD. The earlier you know if you’ve got an STD, the better. You are able to find treatment from early on as well as be more careful if you are being sexually active. However, if you’ve ever had an STD and been treated for it, there might be some questions you may have. For example, can I get the same STD more than once?

The answer varies.

Uncurable Infections

For some STD’s, having had an STD just once is enough because you will have that disease or infection for the rest of your life. Some STD’s are incurable, such as herpes and HIV. However, if you’ve already contracted these diseases, you still need to be careful when having sexual relations with other people. You have the ability to infect others as well as cause adverse effects. For example, if you and your partner both have herpes it could cause an even bigger outbreak.

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Contractable Infections

Some STD’s can be contracted once again if you’ve already had the disease and receive treatment for it. Some of the most common diseases are STD’s include syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Having had these diseases doesn’t mean you’ve developed an immunity to it and cannot contract it again. Once your body is free of these STD’s, you are still likely to contract them again if you aren’t being safe.

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Make sure you are being safe if you are sexually active. This means using protection and getting STD testing in Los Angeles, or in any area closest to you that provides STD testing. Get into the habit of having safe sex and checking in with your partner(s) to make sure they are getting tested and being safe as well.

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