Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a type of vaginal inflammation that occurs when there is too much of a bacteria that is naturally found in your vagina. This overgrowth upsets the natural balance. BV affects women of all ages but is especially prominent if you are in your reproductive years. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, please contact us for bacterial vaginosis treatment Los Angeles.


Some symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include:

  • An offensive-smelling odor coming from the vagina
  • Itching
  • Burning during urination
  • Thin, white, green, or gray discharge


There are several types of bacteria that are naturally found in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis results when there is an overgrowth of one or more of these bacteria. When there is too much anaerobic bacteria, this upsets the natural balance of the microorganisms in your vagina.

Although the cause of this bacteria overgrowth is not completely understood, there are some risk factors that increase your chances of getting BV. This includes:

  • Multiple sex partners – Doctors have drawn a correlation between women that have multiple sex partners and the recurrence of BV. However, the link between the two is not totally understood yet.
  • Douching – The practice of cleaning your vagina with a cleansing product or water can upset the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina. Your vagina self-cleans, so douching is not necessary.
  • Lack of lactobacilli bacteria – If your vagina doesn’t grow enough good lactobacilli bacteria, then you are at higher risk of developing BV.


There are severe medications your doctor may prescribe for bacterial vaginosis treatment Los Angeles, including:

  • Metronidazole – Usually an oral medication, but it is also available as a gel that is inserted into your vagina.
  • Tinidazole – Another oral medication that your doctor may prescribe to treat BV.
  • Clindamycin – A cream that is inserted into your vagina to treat bacterial vaginosis. The cream can weaken latex condoms so it is advised to avoid sexual intercourse for three days after you end treatment.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact us at (213) 261-4090 or schedule an appointment online for bacterial vaginosis treatment Los Angeles.